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Operating And Providing Scrap Worldwide!


Adhyashakti Group is Gujarat's emerging Aluminium scrap dealer. The company placed its foot in the year 2020, with the idea to join hands with others to make the country waste free.

The company supplies raw materials making a huge contribution to the metal scrap industry.

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We have built and maintained relations with all our clients over the past 2 years.

We supremely believe in providing the best and gaining the trust of our clients.

We thank our clients for constantly believing in us and bringing us so far.

Our Products

Our wide range of products includes almost all metal scraps. Iron, stainless steel, zinc, aluminium, and copper scrap.

As required by the clients, we serve everything.


Listen what our clients has to say about the company

Raghav Yadav

Adhyashakti Metals is my top choice to sell my scrap. Not only the team is helpful, but also their top quality customer service and professionalism are both a big plus!

Maharshi Patel

I would definitely recommend Adhyashakti Metals for scrap dealings. They offer the best price for scrap. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

Always Choose us!

Adhyashakti Group, a metal recycling and handling business in Gujarat, is dedicated to a cleaner, greener, and sustainable future. Adhyashakti Group has adopted a customer-centric approach to delivering the best services in terms of metal scrap, be it buying, selling, or recycling, and building a lasting relationship with the clients, rather than just meeting their business requirements. This combines our traditional roots with the modern perspective as a metal scrap dealer.

Social Media

Shree Adhyashakti is buzzing and trending over all the social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram. You can reach out to us everywhere, just with your fingertips.

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