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In Rajkot, Gujarat, We commenced as an aluminum recycling business in 2020 with Arihant Enterprises. We have made our aluminum recycling activities available on a global scale as exporters of aluminum scrap. As we think "Scrap can be Valuable," we provide it with a new form to increase its utility. We take great satisfaction in supplying aluminum products to a variety of sectors in our capacity as an aluminum scrap dealer in India. Our talented and forward-thinking workforce propelled us along the successful route. In order to redefine aluminium scrap into a new shape, we have throughout time equipped high-tech machinery, equipment, and processing units. We are Gujarat’s one of the most demanding aluminium scrap sellers with a great deal to our client-centric strategy and style of dealing with aluminium scrap merchants, consumers, and clients.

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We strongly believe in and emphasize the transparency of our company, be it between the customers or workers. The company has built its reputation on its core value of transparency.

Key Milestones

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.


Our business is dedicated to improving the wellness of its employees, clients, and business partners. This is why, we are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do constantly appreciating and respecting others' contributions.

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Innovation and technology driven solution

We truly think that technological advancements and innovative solutions could offer means of efficiently and economically reducing the problem of solid waste.

Clean and healthy environment

Everything one requires to thrive and lead a respectable life is provided by mother earth. Therefore, it is our duty to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere and environment around us. Thereby, protecting nature.

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