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Shree Adhyashakti Metals is a preeminent manufacturer, specializing in the production of top-quality aluminium ingots, cubes, notch bars, wire rods, copper ingots, and copper wire rods. With state-of-the-art technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence, they meticulously craft each product to meet the most rigorous industry standards. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and employing a highly skilled workforce, they employ the latest metallurgical techniques to create products that are exceptionally durable, resistant to corrosion, and possess excellent conductivity properties. Their unwavering dedication to precision engineering and exceptional customer service has made them a trusted name in the industry, and a top choice for discerning customers seeking superior quality metal products.

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Core Values

What sets us apart from others are our guiding principles. We are known as Adhyashakti metals because of our basic ideals. Our basic principles are intended to lead us to achieve all standards via our tenacity, enthusiasm, and commitment to continuously improve.


These principles demonstrate to others how we handle our partners, clients, and workers with respect and sincerity. Over the years, simply adhering to these beliefs has helped us build a strong metal scraping company. And surely, in the coming years, we intend to move ahead and make the company the best metal scraping firm on a global scale. We are who we are now because of our ideals and principles.

Create a world without waste

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Build trust

We believe in building the trust factor among our clients and partners to strengthen the relationship and make it more transparent. We respect and consider every decision or idea coming from your end.

Recycling Bin

Environment friendly

Our company is helping and joining hands with mother earth to preserve nature. Metal scrap can cause a major disturbance in the balance of nature and hence we are taking a step forward to recycle them and prevent our nature.

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Our main concern is our customer’s concern, we always keep them first. We are well aware of the problems being faced by the customers in dealing with metal scrap, and hence we came up with a solution for it.  

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Our vision is to grow into India's largest metal recycling enterprise, providing high-quality, cutting-edge, and sustainable metal products as resources. We believe in promoting environmental responsibility while reducing waste and to continue being a reliable and trustworthy company as a metal scrap merchant in the metal recycling sector. Recycling scrap metal to create a useful resource.


Adhyashakti Metals, a scrap metal business situated in Rajkot, Gujarat, is dedicated to recycling metal and challenging the idea that metal is waste, whereas to us, it's a precious asset. Through a creative approach, an efficient waste management plan, recycling, new technology, and customer service, we seek to manage metal scrap as a usable resource while encouraging sustainable and environmentally friendly metal goods. Together we can do this and save the environment from hazardous damage.

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